• As a sex worker, you offer sex for money or other benefits
  • It concerns acts that may turn on your client and yourself
  • Take your time to go through all the information


Drugs allow you to feel less inhibited and to sustain sex for longer.  You are more likely to push beyond your limits.
As a result you are at higher risk to contract an STD or HIV.

When using, be mindful of the risks, inform yourself about the effects and agree on things with your sex partner(s).
For help and information, check, or

  • When accepting drugs from strangers, you cannot be sure of the quality. Therefore, be careful with this
  • Try not to share your own equipment (needles, syringes and other paraphernalia)
  • Take breaks from using and introduce periods of rest
  • Do not take Viagra or other potency enhancers in combination with poppers, speed or coke
  • Agree on what needs to happen when someone blacks out. Take care of each other
  • Discuss the use of condoms and safe sex in advance
  • Inform someone you trust in case of any problems
  • If necessary, go to the doctors and tell them honestly how much you have used


  • Determine in advance how much to charge for what you want to do (or have done)
  • Avoid changing your price, even if your client insists
  • Make sure your client pays upfront
  • Put money aside for the periods you are quitting or not working


  • Take regular rest breaks and make sure you get enough sleep
  • Sport and physical activity have a reenergising and relaxing effect
  • Limit alcohol, drug and tobacco use
  • Food and drink:
    • Take time to eat
    • Eat a healthy and varied diet, avoid too much sugar and fat, make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables
    • Avoid having too much coffee, fizzy drinks or energy drinks


The Internet (profile sites, chats and dating apps) is useful for sex workers to get in contact with clients. However, be careful, whatever you put on the internet can be seen by everyone and can be used against you. This can haunt you for a long time, which can be very difficult. Be careful with information you give out about yourself.

  • Information about yourself:
    • Use a nickname or just use your first name
    • Don’t post any (naked) photos and/or videos that disclose your identity
    • Don’t post information that shows who you are, where you are, where you live or work
    • Turn off location services
    • Protect your profiles
    • Use an anonymous email address
    • Beware of the risks of sexting
  • If you have a website, make sure it has a clear lay-out and a clear description of your services
  • Don’t accept just anyone as a friend on social media
  • Ask your client to turn on the webcam when chatting
  • If you come across child porn, you can report this on


  • Always be honest about your services, age, photos, …
  • Respect your client, but equally make sure you are respected
  • Treat all personal information of your clients with discretion
  • Be clear right from the start about what you do and how much you charge for it
  • To avoid fakers or untrustworthy clients, it is best to have the client call you when he/she is at the meeting point
  • For a first meeting, it may be a good idea to meet in a public place or in your neighbourhood instead of immediately giving out your address
  • Be clear about your limits and stop when something is not ok for you
For clients of sex workers
  • Make clear arrangements, indicate clearly what service you are requesting and how much you are willing to pay for it
  • Respect the limits of the sex worker
  • Regularly get yourself tested for STDs and HIV, have safe sex
  • Report all abuse or coercion to the police
  • If you come across child porn, you can report this on 


Always report physical or verbal violence. Transphobia, homophobia and racism are aggravating circumstances and therefore it is vital to report them.

You can contact:

  • The local police; the police has special guidelines with regards to transphobic violence and discrimination of transgenders

  • UNIA (Centre for equal opportunities and opposition to racism)
  • Lumi (formerly Holebifoon)
  • Institute for equality between women and men
  • Organisations for sex workers


Distance yourself
  • Get a different mobile phone number
  • Delete the numbers of your (regular) customers
  • Delete the profiles you used for sex work
  • If you have a website, close it down
  • You can ask Google or other search engines to remove any results for queries containing your name
  • Consider what and who you want to tell about your sex work
  • Consider what you put on your C.V. for the period that you (exclusively) were a sex worker
  • Look for a fixed income
  • Plan your budget
  • If necessary, seek support
Keep busy
  • Look for an activity: (voluntary) work, training programme, hobby, …
  • Keep in touch with family and friends outside the scene.  Build a separate network away from sex work
  • Always keep your reasons for quitting in mind
  • Don’t give up if it doesn’t work first time round
  • If necessary, seek support


  • Make sure you have someone you can trust and can contact if there is a problem
  • It may be a good idea to inform this person about the client, the time and place of the date and when you have arrived at the meeting point
  • Take your mobile phone; the ” Find my iphone ” app or the ” Where’s My Droid ” app allow for your phone to be located
  • Make sure you always carry valid identity papers
  • Make sure you always have your possessions close at hand, so you can leave quickly if necessary
  • It may be a good idea to call your client when you are at the meeting point
  • Be on your guard and closely observe to your client’s behaviour
  • If there is something you don’t like, stop
  • If you are being threatened:
    • Look for an exit. Don’t let the client block it
    • If you cannot escape, try to calm down the client and don’t provoke any further violence
    • Make yourself heard. Scream. Run to a place where there are other people
    • Ring 101. Clearly state where you are and what is happening


In this section, you will find the most important information about sex workers and sex work.

Having sex is a punishable offence:
  • Depending on age:

    • When you are younger than 14 years
    • When you are a minor and have sex with someone who is more than 5 years older than yourself
    • When you are of age and have sex with someone who is a minor and more than 5 years younger than yourself
    • You are older than 14 years and in a power relationship (e.g. pupil and teacher, athlete and coach, a 40-year old having sex with a 15-year old)
  • When you are forcing someone to sexual actions without penetration (indecent assault) (e.g. forcing someone to undress, to masturbate, touching the breasts, …)

  • When you rape someone:

    • When you insert your penis, another body part or an object in a body orifice of a person who has not consented (penetration)
    • When you penetrate a consenting person younger than 14 years old
Prostitution (sex work)

Prostitution is not an offence in Belgium.  Neither the sex worker, nor the client can be prosecuted.  There are however some laws that need to be observed.

  • Sex workers:

    • Need to be of age
    • Are not allowed to incite prostitution (e.g. invite someone on the street with words, gestures or signs to prostitute themselves)
    • Are not allowed to recruit clients (e.g. address someone in the street, place adverts in newspapers or on the internet)

Beware: city or local authorities may also adopt rules (e.g. confining prostitution to a particular area)

  • Clients:
    • It is not an offence to be a client, as long as the sex worker is of age
    • Clients, however, must keep to the arrangements made with the sex worker, if not they can be charged with indecent assault or rape
Pimping – pimps
  • A pimp is a person who makes others work as a sex worker
  • Even if he or she only gets part of the profit, he or she can be considered a pimp. Pimping is then considered as the exploitation of sex work and therefore an offence
  • In case a pimp convinces or incites girls, boys or transpeople to work in prostitution, the person may be prosecuted for inciting prostitution

Human trafficking

Is “the recruitment, transport, transfer, housing and care of a person, the exchange or the transfer of the control over this person in order to exploit him or her.” (e.g. bringing someone to Belgium with the intention to make this person work in prostitution)

Labour legislation
  • It is possible to register with an entreprise office as a self-employed sex worker

  • f you register as a self-employed person, you must pay taxes and social insurance contributions.  One of the advantages of this is that you build up a pension and are insured in case of illness
  • On, you will find detailed information about what you need to do before you can start working

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