When to be tested?
  • Before you start with sex work:

    • Start with a general STD/HIV-test
    • Get vaccinated against hepatitis A and hepatitis B
    • Get tested for tuberculosis
  • After that, have regular tests (every 3 months) for STDs/HIV
  • If you think you may be infected with an STD or HIV or if you have had unsafe sex, do not wait to get tested.
Where to be tested?
  • A (periodic) STD/HIV-test:

    • At your doctor, in a medical or help centre
    • With social organisations for sex workers:
  • If you have been at risk of HIV, go for a HIV rapid test to:
  • If you had unsafe sex with a client who you know to be HIV-positive:
  • If you wish to test yourself for HIV, you can
    • Order and use a  Swab2know-test
    • Use an HIV self-test, which you can buy from the pharmacy without prescription
  • You can be tested for tuberculosis by a CRG amongst others or by Farès

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