On this one-to-one-chat, we operate as follows:

  • Confidential, discrete and free of charge

    • The online conversation via www.info4escorts.be  is confidential, discrete and free of charge. It is a conversation between you and a professional support worker affiliated to the BNMTP and is conducted through secure chat software
    • If you do not agree with the WP Live Chat privacy policy, you will not be allowed to chat
    • There is no need to enter your personal data to access an online conversation. At the start of the conversation, we ask for a (nick)name
    • The support worker can see your IP-address.  This IP-address will also be stored with the conversation.  This way, support workers also know when a caller has chatted before on this particular IP-address
    • In order to help you as best as possible, the support workers will hold regular meetings.  At these meetings, any of the anonymously conducted conversations may be discussed
    • The chat conversations (your IP-address and the information at the start of and the feedback after the chat) will be stored on a secure server of WP Live Chat, the provider that delivered and technically manages the chat software. You can find more information about this on https://wp-livechat.com/privacy-policy/  . Copies of chat conversations will be stored in the WP Live Chat for three months
    • Obviously, it is preferable to chat via a secure internet connection. You can do this, amongst other things, by making sure you log into a computer with your own log-in, by not saving the history of websites, by deleting cookies when closing your browser, by not saving any chat sessions digitally or on paper.
      If this is important to you, make sure to check your computer and change the settings so no information about your visit to www.info4escorts.be  is saved
  • Technical problems
    • This chat site works best on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer
    • Your computer may block this chat program.  Often this is due to the firewall antivirus programs protecting your computer.  In this case, you will need to temporarily switch these off. Make sure to switch them back on after your chat session
    • Also make sure to switch off pop-up blockers for this website. Make sure not to close different windows during the conversation; otherwise the chat session will be interrupted
    • Make sure to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Different versions are available depending on the browser you use
    • A conversation may be interrupted by a technical problem, as internet connections are not always stable.  In this case, log on again with the same nickname
    • If you have repeated problems with the use of this chat software, do not hesitate to send a message to info4escorts.be@gmail.com.
  • An emergency situation
    Due to the remote contact and the limited accessibility of this chatroom, info4escorts-chat cannot play any role in emergency situations.  In circumstances, where it is important to get immediate help due to a critical situation, we advise to contact the regular emergency services, or the organisations listed below left

  • Responsibility of the guest
    BNMTP staff members want to inform, advice and support callers who have questions, stories and problems.  They will hereby assume the reliability, care and own responsibility of the caller as user of the chatroom.   If it transpires someone is not able to do this, BNMTP reserves the right to (temporarily) stop its services by blocking the access (for 8 hours) and will then try to suggest alternative services.

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