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Just like employees in the care or medical sector, sex workers tend to be exposed to a higher risk of infection through close contact with clientsOur industry is  clearly noticing the effects – on the one hand, an above-average number of appointments are being cancelled by clients, and on the other hand, many colleagues are wondering whether and how they can continue working now.

A. What sex workers should be aware of at work

  • Do not accept customers with a cold, cough and other cold symptoms. If you notice that a customer has symptoms, don´t engage in sexwork with him or her.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 30 seconds, and do it more often than usual. Especially if you come to your workplace from outside, and between appointments.
  • Make sure that every guest first washes his or her hands and face thoroughly with soap. The probability of getting infected with viruses from others on unwashed hands is currently still higher than that the customers themselves might have the virus.
  • (Working in clubs/ studios etc.) Refrain from greeting friends and colleagues with kisses or hugs.
  • (Working in clubs / studios etc.) Do not share dishes or cutlery with others, wash them thoroughly with soap in between.

B. Risk Assessment for Sex Workers

Doing sex work is currently strongly advised against, if:

  • you have a fever, cough, cold or other cold symptoms
  • a disease with the corona virus has occurred in your personal environment
  • you have been in a country or region where many people have contracted the corona virus in the last 14 days.

Doing sex work is currently advised against if:

  • you yourself have a chronic illness
  • you are over 55 years old
  • you live with people over 50
  • you live with people who suffer from chronic diseases