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Tips: legislation. Pimping and human trafficking



Someone who exploits the indecency or prostitution of some else can be punished in accordance with article 380bis of the Belgium Criminal Code. Additionally, inciting prostitution (article 380ter of the Criminal Code) is punishable.

A pimp is someone who makes others work as a prostitute.  Even if he or she only gets part of the profit, he/she can be considered as a pimp.  Pimping is considered as the exploitation of prostitution and therefore an offence.

In case a pimp convinces or incites boys or girls to work in prostitution, the person can be prosecuted for inciting prostitution.

Human trafficking


Article 433 quinquies of the Belgium Criminal Code gives the following definition of human trafficking: “the recruitment, transport, transfer, housing, care of a person, the exchange or transfer of the control over this person in order to exploit him or her”.

The enumeration of the areas of exploitation is limitative.  One of these areas is prostitution.  For example, it is an offence to bring a person to Belgium with the intention of making this person work as a prostitute.