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STI / HIV: in case of EMERGENCY

PEP-treatment: Prophylaxis after a serious risk


If you were seriously at risk of contracting HIV (for example, vaginal or anal sex without a condom with an HIV positive man or woman), you may qualify for PEP.  PEP stands for 'Post Exposure Prophylaxis'. It is a treatment with pills, which reduces the risk of contracting HIV. The treatment would kill the virus before it can nestle in the cells and make you seropositive.  A PEP–treatment takes one month. You can never be sure that the PEP-treatment will be successful.

PEP must be taken as soon as possible

Preferably a few hours after the risky contact and, if possible, within 48 hours. The PEP treatment should start 72 hours after the risky contact at the latest. IN Belgium, contact an aids reference centre (ARC) or the emergency ward of a university hospital with an ARC as soon as possible. PEP can only be started in these hospitals. Organizations for sex workers can tell you where to apply for a PEP-treatment in Belgium or go to to find this information.

Do I qualify for PEP?


Whether or not you qualify for a PEP-treatment has to be discussed with the doctor. A PEP-treatment has serious side effects and is not prescribed lightly. Your doctor will carefully evaluate the risk.