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STI / HIV: test

As an escort, sex with different partners is part of your business and you can’t control everything.


Anal sex without using a condom, a broken condom, sperm in your mouth: it can happen to everyone.  If it happens, you can get HIV or STI's.

There are minor risks of contracting HIV or STI's, even if you always have safe sex.


We advise to start with a general STI/HIV-test and than to get tested regularly every 6 months.



If you think you are STI/HIV-infected or you've had a non-protected contact, don't wait to get a test.


If you were exposed to a seriously unsafe HIV situation or you make worries, a PEP-treatment is recommended. Within 72 hours !




You can be tested by your family doctor, in a medical centre or in a social centre.
Escort organizations also offer free and anonymous HIV and STI tests.


Even online you can get a Swab2know-test (saliva test) on HIV.

You also can do an HIV-test yourselve. These can be bought without a prescription at a pharmacy.




The examination begins with a talk. The doctor or nurse will ask several questions about your complaints and about the sex you had. You will be given some details about the examination and about how you will be informed of the results. Doctors and nurses have to respect patient confidentiality.  He/she are not allowed to tell anyone what you told him/her.