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Safer sex: condoms/lubricant. Lubricants

Water-based lubricants

Water-based lubricant dries after some time. You often have to activate it again with saliva or use more lubricant.

Silicon-based lubricants

Silicon-based lubricants are stronger and they stay moist longer. You also need less lubricant.  They are often used for anal sex.

Silicon-based lubricants must not be used in combination with polyurethane condoms (special condoms for men who are allergic to rubber). They have a negative effect on the quality of the condom and cause it to break.  The same applies to toys made of silicon, such as some dildos.  Silicon-based lubricant can break these toys.


Never use as lubricant: oil-based substances such as oil, creams, massage oil, baby oil, Vaseline, Nivea etc.  If you use grease or oil in combination with a normal latex condom, the condom becomes porous and breaks.