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Safer sex: condoms/lubricant. As a rule


Types of condoms

Condoms for men

There are many different types of condoms for men. Extra thin, large, extra large, small, with extra or anaesthetic lubricant, ribbed and studded,  flavoured or coloured ones.  Find out which condom suits you best. Make sure the condom doesn't slip off or isn't too narrow. For rough sex or a large penis you can also use thicker condoms.

Condoms for men are made of latex or rubber. Rubber is a natural product, which dissolves in grease and oil.  With a latex condom you always have to use a water-based or silicon-based lubricant.

Condoms made of polyurethane (synthetic material) can be used if you are allergic to rubber. Polyurethane doesn’t dissolve in grease or oil.  With these condoms you can use an oil-based lubricant.


Condoms for women

Also there are condoms for women.

Condoms for women are made of polyurethane.

Condoms for anal sex?

Every approved condom can be used for vaginal as well as for anal sex.  It is important for both techniques that sufficient water-based lubricant is used on the condom and on and in the vagina and anus. The use of sufficient lubricant cuts the risk of a broken condom.  You don’t need an extra thick condom if you use enough lubricant.


Carry a condom with you at all times. In your jacket, in your trousers, in your escort bag and certainly close to the bed in your studio.  There are also leather bracelets or sweatbands with a small pocket in which you can keep condoms, making them ideal for cruising places or saunas.  Don’t leave a condom in the pocket of your trousers or in your wallet for too long. The condom wrapper can break and dry the rubber.  Also protect condoms against direct sunrays and high temperatures.