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Safer sex: condoms/lubricant. Putting on a condom

Male Condom


Put on the condom when the penis is in erection.  Put the rolled up condom on the glans after the foreskin of the penis is pulled back.  Squeeze the top of the condom tight with your thumb and index finger, it leaves more room to collect the sperm.  Carefully roll the condom over the penis.

Southern style

Hold the condom with two fingers of each hand on the inside.  Pull the condom apart – don’t be afraid, a good condom will not break – and put it over the penis.  Make sure your finger nails don’t damage the condom.  Roll it down with your thumbs.  You can also use this method to put a condom over a larger penis.


This is a technique for experts.  Take the tip of the condom between your lips. Put the condom at the glans.  Now push the condom to the front.  It feels as if you give your partner or client a blowjob.  Do this as far as you get the penis inside.  It requires some training but can be an interesting start of your date.

Female condom