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Rules of conduct

1. General terms and conditions


To participate to chat you have to log in.  By logging in you accept these rules of conduct.


On its website, organizes a chat room aimed at male sex workers an transgenders.  The chat room is managed by webmasters and staff members of social organizations for sex workers. is not liable for opinions expressed by users.  All users remain responsible for their own opinions.

Belgian law applies in the chat room.

Any guest who logs in has to observe sincerity of communication, which should be clear in any posting or uploading of comments This means, for example, that an older person may not pretend to be a young person.  A woman may not pretend to be a man (unless transgender), .. in short, you may not create a fictitious forum or chat character.

You must not establish links to external sites contrary to the rules of conduct.


You may not place or refer to violent or sexually explicit images, of any kind.

You may not incite, defend or post (child) pornography, obscenities, vulgarities, hate, intolerance, racism, random violence or paedophilia.

You may not publish any contents protected by copyright or under privacy and publicity protection or protected by law unless you are the rightful claimant or obtained the necessary permissions.

2. Respect for other chatters and staff members

You may not quarrel, use abusive language, insult, humiliate, make a fool of someone, slander, threaten, discriminate against and/or make racist remarks.

You may not incite others to perform negative actions such as suicide, self-harm, anorexia,...

3. Anonymity

You may not post telephone numbers or other personal information about yourself or your clients.  We block messages in which people or authorities can be recognized.

4. User names

You may not use an insulting, provocative and offensive user name.  Your user name must be legible and usable and may not contain common chat abbreviations.

5. Use of language in the chat room

- Don’t spell entire words in capital letters; this is considered shouting in  Internet practice and it is not tolerated.

- The exaggerated use of exclamation marks, question marks, smileys, colours and other layout options are not allowed.  They make reading difficult.

- No flooding: i.e. repeatedly typing the same or meaningless words or sentences.

- No spamming: i.e. repeatedly sending private messages to other users.

- Messages containing offensive language are not allowed.

6. Answers in the chat room

- Always present arguments when you give your opinion.

- Respect the opinion of others.

7. Publicity

The chat room isn't a public market place. You are not allowed to look for clients or pass on clients.

8. Sanctions

- If you have a complaint, don’t hesitate to inform us and contact us.

For your own safety, we advise you not to exchange personal information.

- In case of a violation of these rules of conduct, can impose the following sanctions, either separately or combined: warning, change/transfer/removal of the message or part of it, transfer/closure/removal of a subject, temporary or permanent cancellation of the log in, notification of (official) authorities. reserves the right not to enter into a discussion on the measures or sanctions imposed after a violation of these terms and conditions.