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________________________________________________________________________ is a website specifically designed for male sex workers, transgenders, pays & escorts. But also for boys and men who occasionally earn money with sex.
This website is not meant for clients of sex workers.
It’s is a site from all Belgian organizations who reach out and give support in all social and health topics. They do this anonymously and free of charge. You can contact us here.


This site contains tips and information on safer sex and STI’s/HIV.

The aim of this website is not to perpetuate or promote prostitution. Its intention is to give clear information on a number of issues surrounding prostitution. What are the risks?  What are the things you should or should not do to protect your health or to comply with  legal requirements?

No rights can be derived from the information on the site.


Here you can find important tips for sex workers and paydates. These tips have been worked out by escorts and pays.


* Decide for yourself what you will and won’t do with clients.

* Discuss the money you charge in advance and agree on what you will do for it.

* Ask to be paid in advance.

* Trust your intuition. Turn away dubious clients.

* You have the right to stop an interaction at any moment if you think something isn’t okay.

* Create a safe environment. For example, work in a hotel, inform friends and call them before having a date, write down names and telephone numbers of clients, do not just ring a doorbell but phone the client that he opens the door ...

*Always have safer sex. You owe it to your body.

*Stay sober. You need a clear head for paydates to keep control.



Paydates put you at risk of catching an STI or HIV. “Safer sex” reduces the risk of contracting HIV or an STI. This is a list of the most important safer sex tips:


* When you fuck, always use a condom (both with men and with women).


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* When you are fucked, make sure your client always uses a condom.

* Use enough lubricant during anal sex. If you don’t have a lubricant, use spit.

* Never use oil, Vaseline or creams as lubricant. They make the condom break.

* When you suck, do it with a condom. It reduces the risk of catching an STI.

* When you suck without a condom, make sure your client doesn’t come in your mouth, to

avoid the risk of contracting HIV.

* No contact between blood, sperm, precum or cum and wounds. You have to be very

careful if you have bleeding gums, herpes or if you have just shaved.

* Be careful with hard sex. In case of contact with urine or scat you increase the risk of

contamination. Certainly avoid bloody games, they increase the risk of contracting HIV or

an STI.

* In case of fisting, always use gloves and sufficient lubricant.

* Be careful with alcohol and drugs. For safe sex you need a clear head. Drugs push you

past your limits and make you less aware of possible dangers.


You can reduce the risk of catching an STI by observing the above rules, but you can’t exclude the risk of an infection completely. Therefore:

*  Regularly check your body, your penis and your balls. If you notice a change, immediately see a doctor.

*  If you had a risk situation, have an HIV and STI test. You can get a free and anonymous test in Belgium at one of the sex workers organizations.

*  Some infections aren't always visible, for example syphilis. Therefore, have an HIV and STI test every 6 months. You can get a free and anonymous test at one of the sex workers organizations in Belgium, at a health centre or from your family doctor.

* Get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. Contact one of the sex workers organizations.


Prostitution is not an offense in Belgium: neither the prostitute nor the clients can be prosecuted.  Nevertheless, laws are not coherent in Belgium. There are some special laws regarding sex work which regulate the business:

*  The person who sells sexual services (the prostitute/escort/sexworker) must be 18 or older.

*  Inciting prostitution is punishable (article 380 bis of the Criminal Code). For example: soliciting someone on the street with words, signs or gestures.

*  Recruiting clients is not allowed (article 380 ter of the Criminal Code). For example: addressing someone on the street, publishing ads in newspapers or on the Internet.


Pimping & human traficking is not allowed and will be punished by law. A pimp is someone who makes others work as a prostitute.  Even if he or she only gets part of the profit, he/she can be considered as a pimp.  Pimping is considered as the exploitation of prostitution and therefore an offence.


If you want to register as a self-employed person, you have to pay taxes and social insurance contributions. The organizations for sex workers will inform you over the possibilties.


Watch out: City or local authorities may also adopt rules and confine prostitution to a particular area, for example.  According to police regulations in Antwerp and Brussels, prostitution is only allowed within the limits of the certain red light districts. Ask the local organizations for more information about the rules that apply at the place where you work.


Clients: Being a client is not an offence, as long as the prostitute is 18 or older.  Clients, however, always have to keep to the arrangements they made with the prostitute, otherwise they can be charged with indecent assault or rape.



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